Another Milestone

Mar 07, 2024

Celebrating business years might seem a bit strange but surviving 4 years of business is a huge milestone Some reports show a 10% failure rate, some 40% and others 90% and its not hard to see why Our first 3 ...

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November 2023 Blog

Nov 30, 2023

No flash title, no flash stories to tell, November has felt like ugh , is it really November? Traditionally I have a spring in my step with warmer days, higher flows and enthusiasm to hit the water. November has been ...

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The World Jet Boat Marathon and searching for new camera locations

Oct 30, 2023

I was lucky enough to make the trip down to Queenstown to watch the first couple of days of the 2023 World Jet Boat Marathon. An event starting on the Kawarua River, then up to the Dart, over to the ...

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The summer of NW? September 2023

Sep 19, 2023

Welcome to the September 2023 Blog its a great time of year with the day light increasing quickly giving us more time “in the light” after work and warmer days to enjoy being outside. 1st September kicked off the start of ...

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No Mans Land - Waiting for opening

Aug 18, 2023

To some this will need no explanation, the feeling of anticipation eagerly waiting for the new 2023 season to kick off, the excitement of Whitebaiting around the corner which will quickly be followed by the opening of Fishing Season, followed ...

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Outdoor Access Company Update - July 2023

Jul 26, 2023

We are thrilled to bring you our first company blog in a while, and we are excited to announce that this will be the first of many monthly updates on our activities and plans.

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Year One- We made it!

Mar 21, 2021

February 27th 2021 marked one year of Outdoor Access officially being in business and what a great feeling that was. We could go on and say what a difficult year due to the global pandemic but lets face it we ...

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Water in real time: Irrigation NZ

Jul 07, 2020

Irrigation New Zealand recently published a piece on Outdoor Access in their Winter 2020 Newsletter. Have a read below to check it out or hit the below link to see their whole newsletter.

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