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About Outdoor Access

Outdoor Access started as an idea over a couple of beers when the three were discussing how annoying it was not being able to check live conditions before travelling to our favourite Fishing, hunting or Jet-boating spot. We decided to do something about it and see how viable it would be to set Live Stream cameras up across NZ. We quickly found that it was not an easy or cheap task, but decided to give it a crack. We ended up with a full plan, budget, a list of partnerships that would be required and a design for a stand alone system that we could securely place in most hard to reach areas to get the best views. 2 years later we rolled out our first 16 sites in the South Island and we plan on putting cameras across the whole of NZ to help the Outdoor Enthusiasts in many different industries.
We decided on the name Outdoor Access as we didn’t want to limit our services to just rivers and lakes. We plan to launch Cameras for Hunting, Coastal boating/Fishing, Hiking, Snow Skiing the list goes on.


We use a combination of live streaming HD Cameras & Drones to give our customers the best service we can. We have also teamed up with several NZ companies and government departments in order to put detailed information of each site at your fingertips. Each camera station is its own stand-alone unit. This is due to the remote locations that we wanted to provide our customers with a view of. As a result, each unit has its own 200-Watt solar module to provide power to the system. To provide each site with the high-speed internet connections required we have partnered with Vodafone and using wideband LTE directional antennas we are able to connect to their network in these remote locations. We have also teamed up with Dacast, who hosts all our live stream footage. We then use their platform to access all our footage live and display it on our website. In addition to the live streams provided by the camera stations, we use the latest DJI drones to provide high quality flyover videos of additional areas. Environment Canterbury Supply us with all our river flow data, which we link to our website for easy access. Giving you all the recent history in graph form for each location.

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Our Team

The founders of Outdoor Access. Brett and Nigel are passionate rivers users and saw the demand for live footage throughout the country for hundreds of thousands of passionate Fishermen, boaties, hikers, Kayakers and general outdoor hobbyists where the weather and water conditions play such a vital role.

Brett spends most of his free time fishing rivers and lakes around mid-Canterbury, while Nigel is a recreational and competitive Jetboater who struggles to go more than a couple of days without being on the water.

Outdoor Access | Brett Colgan

Brett Colgan

Passionate about rivers, Brett uses fishing as an excuse just to be out on the river. As a kid Brett spent his school holidays swimming & fishing at the Hakatere Huts where his grandparents lived. Growing up down there, Brett recalls dozens of people fishing every day, the river having good flows and plenty of salmon being caught. There’s nothing more iconic than a braided river in the beautiful Canterbury landscape

Outdoor Access | Nigel Cromie

Nigel Cromie

Originally born in the Northland city of Whangarei, Nigel made his way down to Canterbury for university in 2011. From here onwards most of his free time was spent jet boating and he grew his love for NZs rivers and lakes, following the passion of his dad Mark who has been jet-boating for over 40 years. Along with recreational boating Nigel also races Marathon Jet Boats competitively and has entered three World Championships, claiming 3rd in Unlimited Class for the 2019 World Championships hosted in Canada. He understands New Zealand Rivers and lakes are some of the greatest in the world and wants others to be able to enjoy them as much as possible along with keeping them clean, healthy and full of life.

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